Welcome to The Hike Inn located in Fontana Dam, North Carolina

Greetings from your hosts Jeff and Nancy Hoch, owners of the original "Hike Inn".

In our twenty plus years of servicing hikers, the hiking community has evolved greatly and will continue to do so in the future. We have done our best to adapt our services and policies to meet or exceed the demands these changes have created. In order to meet these challenges we have made some adjustments to our services that will allow us to provide an even higher level of service to hikers now and in the future. The Hike Inn has always been the leader for other service providers to follow and we will make every effort to continue to do so.

We are a service that specializes in transportation and accommodations for HIKERS ONLY!!!
We are NOT a hostel!

We offer 4 private rooms with private baths and allow 1 or 2 hikers per room.

Let us provide you with our "4 E's".
EXPERIENCE - 20 plus years & over 30,000 hikers served!
ENTHUSIASM - We are hikers only by choice & truly enjoy our work!
ENCOURAGEMENT - We thrive on successful hikers!
EFFICIENCY- We can take a good plan and help you make it a great one!

We can help you with planning, strategy, weight distribution (mail drops), trail conditions, water sources, weather info, road directions and safe parking.

Conveniently located to the Appalachian Trail, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Benton Mackaye Trail, Bartram Trail, Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest, Slick Rock Wilderness, Nantahala & Cherokee National Forests

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